Experience Yoga

Yoga is a choice of lifestyle. It is a system of practice which allows you to learn about yourself. If you are loyal to your practice, you can bring harmony into your body and mind, and conceivably reach your highest potential.

What does it mean to incorporate the ancient teachings of Yoga into our daily lives? In a world of advancing technology and evolving ideas, we seem to have less and less time to spend for ourselves. What if we could learn to have an inner dialog with ourself, body and mind? Yoga can teach us just that.

That brings us to the idea of selfcare. With practice,We all have the power to bring equilibrium into ourselves. I teach and coach people Yoga and Selfcare. We all have a choice. You can lead a fulfilling life by learning and working with your body.

Kirtan & Mantra

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NYC Midtown Salon

NJ Twin Brook Yoga in the Forest